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Everything You Think Is Wrong Day: Why Is Marketing So Hard?

That feeling when being right 2% of the time is awesome. Posted on Thursday, March 15 in Breaking Through the Clutter.

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day: Why Is Marketing So Hard?Do you know why so many people say marketing is both an art and a science? Because some days marketing can feel like literally everything you think is wrong.

We’re talking about a field of work in which, anecdotally, being on target with a campaign 2% of the time could be measured as successful marketing ROI. It’s pretty remarkable when you stop to think about it.

So, in honor of Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, let’s unpack that a little bit. #EverythingYouThinkIsWrongDay

In marketing, you really need to have a focused strategy, and a willingness to be in it for the long haul. Without a clear strategy, your marketing may not be working to support your actual business goals. Worst case, you could actually be wasting money on channels that aren’t effective to reach your specific goal, thereby greatly decreasing your marketing ROI.

And, more often than not, in order to achieve true marketing campaign success, you will find that testing and optimization are key.

When you find yourself thinking, “This marketing campaign is not working. Everything I think will work is wrong,” give it a chance. And, at the same time, be okay with not knowing everything. That’s what testing and optimization are for.

Here’s the good news: given the amount of customer insights, market research and campaign reporting available today—especially for digital marketing and digital advertising—you can actually turn Everything You Think Is Wrong into Everything You Do Is Right.

In fact, tomorrow, in honor of Everything You Do Is Right Day, we’ll delve into more on why marketing is a science, with a blog on data and optimization for marketing success.

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