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Digital Marketing Minute June 23, 2015

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Tuesday, June 23 in Making Your Marketing Work.

June 23, 2015

We Tried All the Best Pinterest Marketing Tips. Here's What Worked   By Kevan Lee,

Pinterest has its own special notes and best practices that help make it an extremely fun, exciting place to test, iterate, and add value to those on the network. Here’s what worked for us.

Can Companies Keep Up with Soaring Customer Expectations?   By eMarketer

Exceptional service? Customers like it, and they want more. In May 2015 polling by Harris Poll for Lithium, 82% of US corporate executives said that customers’ expectations of their company were “somewhat” (47%) or “much” (35%) higher than they were three years ago. And it’s not easy to keep up, as nearly six in 10 said it was “somewhat” (50%) or “very” (9%) difficult for their company to please customers. What’s to blame for the boost in pressure?


5 YouTube Marketing Lessons From Unlikely Sources By Brian

The thing about understanding digital marketing is that once you learn the fundamentals you start to see them come in to play everywhere online. In any results-oriented field the source of the idea is unimportant. The only rubric for judging an idea's value is if it works. As such, there are many cases where some really fantastic new marketing approaches are pioneered by those well outside the profession. This article will take a look at five non-marketers who are using some pretty remarkable approaches to market themselves and their brands on YouTube.

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