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5 Keys to High Impact Digital Advertising

Increase viewability, engagement and conversions. Posted on Tuesday, March 13 in Making Your Marketing Work.

High Impact digital advertising is about more than just flashy digital billboards. When executed well, high impact digital ads can be eye catching and, even, immersive, thereby increasing viewability, engagement and click-thru conversions.

So, what are the key things to understand about high impact digital advertising as you consider adding this tactic to your digital marketing campaigns?

1. Understand Your Business Goals

If your business goal is to increase revenue by growing your customer base that goal will lead to a different strategy than increasing revenue by growing purchase frequency from your existing customer base. Both of these will differ even more from a broad brand awareness program. High impact digital ads can help you with each of these, however the specific audience targeting, ad format and call to action will differ for each strategy.

2. Know Your Campaign Focus

Just as your business goal will inform your marketing strategy, it will also influence the specific campaign focus and the metrics you will use to measure success. If your goal is brand awareness, you might want to focus on engagement measurements. If your goal is lead generation, then click-thru rate and post-click activity on your website is key.

3. High Impact is Also Mobile

While desktop website takeovers are probably the most impressive high impact digital ads, mobile advertising also offers high impact options with rich media capabilities, video and more. With 93% of all U.S. internet users also being mobile device internet users (1), not including mobile advertising as part of your high impact digital advertising campaign would definitely be an oversight.

4. Website Trust Matters

Credible website platforms with authentic content consumers value and find trustworthy is important. According to ComScore, ads delivered beside unsavory content can:

  • Waste advertising budgets
  • Damage a brand’s reputation
  • Diminish consumer trust
  • Result in public relations mishaps (2)

5. Understand Optimization

Know how you can best track the effectiveness of your high impact digital advertising, so you can continuously optimize towards improved results. If your ads include click-thrus to your website, track that action beyond the initial click, using UTM codes or tracking pixels.

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